Frank Giustra: Gold, the Dollar, and Dogecoin – The Final Act

Palisades Gold Radio, Released on 5/10/21

0:00​ – Introduction
0:33​ – The Case For Gold
6:35​ – Dollar Final Act
8:28​ – Asset Bubbles & CPI
10:02​ – Equities & Liquidity
15:06​ – Time & Performance
17:48​ – Bitcoin Speculation
21:12​ – Portfolio & Risk
24:15​ – Miners & Fundamentals
30:47​ – ESG & Business
33:05​ – Macro View & Froth
35:22​ – A Balanced Life
39:18​ – Book Recommendations
41:23​ – Wrap Up & Thoughts

Tom welcomes back Frank Giustra, CEO of the Fiore Group, to the show.

Frank discusses his love for history and economic theory. Back in 2001, he became convinced the dollar would head down and that gold would go up.

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He became convinced once the Fed changed its approach to the dollar. Moral hazard was developing, and it became quite evident to Frank during the fall of 2001. This hazard became clear to everyone during the 2008 crisis when the Fed lowered rates further and started printing money. Since then, global debt has doubled and now stands at 270 trillion dollars. This debt can’t be serviced, so interest rates can’t be allowed to rise. Money printing must now continue indefinitely, as we’re in an inescapable vicious cycle.

The pandemic was just one more excuse for the printing of money. We’ve left the billion era and are now in the trillion-dollar era. The days of the dollar reserve currency are numbered.

All commodities are up sharply over the last 12+ months, and these costs will work their way into consumer goods over the next few quarters. This level of inflation has not been seen since the 1970s. This will really put a fire under gold. Watch carefully real interest rates as inflation will be hard to hide.

Frank advises that buying on dips may not always work because the bubbles today in equities are overvalued, and the bond markets are even worse. Bubbles are always waiting to pop. The Fed always comes to the rescue until they don’t, or their actions become ineffective. The levels of speculation today are off the charts and will end very badly.

He advises caution when it comes to cryptocurrency, and investors should recognize that this is a highly speculative market driven by cult-like greed. Diversify, take a percentage, and put it into gold.

He discusses his successes in the mining industry and his strategy for building successful companies. It’s mostly about management and then finding good assets in decent jurisdictions. This gold market is just beginning, so he started Aris Gold with an excellent management team to capitalize on the coming move.

Lastly, Frank discusses what brings him peace and balanced life while minimizing potential life regrets. Always learn new things and keep your mind sharp.

Talking Points From This Episode
– The decline of the dollar.
– Commodities and consumer goods inflation.
– Equities, bonds, and cryptocurrency bubbles.
– Mining industry success and balancing your life.

Frank Giustra is a Canadian business executive, who has been particularly successful in the mining and filmmaking industries, and is a noted philanthropist. Mr. Giustra started out as an assistant trader and then became a stockbroker at Merrill Lynch in his early career. He later went on to join Yorkton Securities, where he helped launch a new branch geared towards financing resource companies in Europe. He is now an advisor to major gold miner, Endeavour Mining Corporation. In the late 90’s, he founded Lionsgate Entertainment – the company behind The Hunger Games and Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11. The company had over $2 billion in revenue in 2013, and owns the rights to the hugely successful Twilight movie franchise and The Expendables series, among other big blockbuster titles. He is presently the CEO of Fiore Group. More information can be found at his website

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