Egon von Greyerz: End of the US Empire and Collapse ALWAYS Begin With Money Printing

Silver Bullion TV, Released on 9/29/21

SBTV spoke with Egon von Greyerz, Founder of Matterhorn Asset Management, about how the world is merely repeating history as morality crumbles and decadence rises usually at the end of major eras and cycles. We are witnessing the end of the US empire and empire collapse always begin with money printing!

Discussed in this interview:
00:00 Introduction
01:58 Situation now in Sweden and Switzerland
05:22 Big Brother’s watching
09:46 Mirroring Rome’s boom to bust
13:59 A decade of Quantitative Easing
17:20 Becoming numb to money printing
20:17 What’s with the gold and silver price?
27:29 Any precious metals shortage in Europe?
29:50 Should people wait or buy gold and silver now?

Egon von Greyerz is founder and Managing Partner of Matterhorn Asset Management AG & GoldSwitzerland. Since the 1990s Egon von Greyerz has been actively involved with financial investment activities including mergers and acquisitions and asset allocation consultancy for private family funds. This led to the creation of Matterhorn Asset Management, an asset management company based on wealth preservation principles. MAM is part of the Aquila Group, Switzerland’s largest independent asset management group. Von Greyerz makes regular media appearances on CNBC, BBC, etc. and publishes articles on the world economy and wealth preservation.

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