Economic Downturn & New Gold Run | Lobo Tiggre & Adrian Day

Liberty and Finance, Released on 11/16/23

We are headed for a significant turn in the gold market, says Adrian Day and Lobo Tiggre. As the economy heads into a recession, both analysts are expecting gold stocks to perform exceedingly well. However, there is likely to be a downturn in gold stocks in the short-term due to tax-loss selling. Adrian Day is the founder of Adrian Day Asset Management, and Lobo Tiggre is the founder of Independent Speculator.

0:00 Intro
1:30 Rate hikes
8:18 Silver and gold
16:35 Mining stocks vs bullion
20:00 Tax-loss selling
26:39 Middle East conflict
30:00 Last thoughts

Adrian Day is the president of Adrian Day Asset Management. Mr. Day spent many years as a financial investment writer, where he gained a large following for his expertise in searching out unusual investment opportunities around the world. He has also authored two books on the subject of global investing: International Investment Opportunities: How and Where to Invest Overseas Successfully and Investing Without Borders. His latest book, widely praised by readers, is Investing in Resources: How to Profit from the Outsized Potential and Avoid the Risks (Wiley, 2010). Mr. Day is a recognized authority in both global and resource investing. He is frequently interviewed by the press, domestically and abroad. He is a popular speaker and frequently invited to lecture at financial conferences and seminars around the world. His pleasures include fine dining, reading (especially history), and the opera.

Lobo Tiggre, aka Louis James, is a legendary speculator and was Doug Casey’s protégé at Casey Research for almost 14 years, until early 2018. He joined the Casey team in 2004. By 2007, he was writing and making investment recommendations in Casey’s flagship newsletter, the International Speculator. Now he brings his experience, his connections and his deal flow directly to you, without the barrage of marketing hype used by larger publishers. He is now the editor of

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