Dr. Marc Faber: The Fed Started QE to Infinity in 2008

Arcadia Economics, Released on 1/18/20

While the Federal Reserve still has yet to admit that it’s running another quantitative easing campaign, Dr. Marc Faber of the Gloom Boom and Doom Report explains how in reality, when the Fed started QE in 2008, that was the beginning of QE to infinity.

Dr. Faber also discusses how the Federal Reserve has been following the script of the Bank of Japan for the last 30 years, which hasn’t created wealth in Japan, and is not going to fix the underlying economic issues that the politicians in the west are doing their best to ignore either.

He then delves into the manipulation in the precious metals markets, as well as what’s happening in the palladium and rhodium markets where prices have begun to go vertical, and how he’s positioning both himself and his clients for what’s about to come next.

Dr. Marc Faber was born in Zurich, Switzerland and obtained a PhD in Economics at the University of Zurich. Between 1970 and 1978, Dr. Faber worked for White Weld & Company Limited in New York, Zurich and Hong Kong. From 1978 to February 1990, he was the Managing Director of Drexel Burnham Lambert (HK) Ltd. In 1990, he set up his own business, Marc Faber Limited which acts as an investment advisor and fund manager. Dr. Faber publishes a widely read monthly investment newsletter, “The Gloom Boom & Doom Report,” which highlights unusual investment opportunities, and is the author of several books including Tomorrow’s Gold: Asia’s age of discovery which was a best seller on Amazon. Dr. Faber is known for his “contrarian” investment approach and charismatic personality. He became infamous after calling the 1987 crash in US equities.

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