Dr. David B. Collum – Hello Darkness: A Chilling Journey Into The Abyss

The Bitcoin Matrix, Released on 8/27/23

In today’s episode we plunge into the intriguingly murky world with the profound Professor David B. Collum. Aptly titled, “Hello Darkness: A Chilling Journey into the Abyss” it’s a captivating journey through a labyrinth of contentious topics, from scandalous political intrigues to the convoluted realities of climate change, gender transition and directed energy weapons. Collum, armed with his razor-sharp intellect and unique perspectives, serves as our guide, steering us through this dark maze, sparking intense and thought-provoking discussions. Dave doesn’t care if he comes across as an a-hole. He really doesn’t. He’s just trying to get it right.

David B. Collum is an economic commentator, chemist, Betty R. Miller Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Cornell University. He holds a PhD, Columbia University, MS, Columbia University, MA, Columbia University and BS, Cornell University.

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Igby MacDavitt

Evil: you omitted Fauci in there with Hitler and Mao, no?

Igby MacDavitt

Trudeau can’t run Russia? No shit! He can’t run Canada or even a 7-Eleven.