Doomberg: European Energy Crisis Explained + What Lies Ahead

SF Live, Released on 7/27/22

On this episode of SF Live, we are catching up with Doomberg, the #2 Top Paid Financial Newsletter on Substack about the looming European Energy Crisis. He explains why investing in blankets makes sense, and other aspects of the crisis.

Doomberg is the anonymous publishing arm of a bespoke consulting firm providing advisory services to family offices and c-suite executives. Its principals apply their decades of experience across heavy industry, private equity and finance to deliver innovative thinking and clarity to complex problems.

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LOL Doomberg is talking about how all hell is about to break loose in Germany and the host has apparently just moved to Germany, which is about to have a societal collapse as Russian natural gas is turned off by Russia (can you blame Russia? Germany is sending weaponry to Ukraine and has sanctioned Russia, so now they are surprised that Russia won’t supply them with cheap energy?). The host says he is putting solar collectors up, but that won’t heat his home this winter.

Karl Graz

It’s Germany’s own fault that they are now “between a rock and a hard place”. Instead of being a lap dog for the United States and taking marching orders from J.B. and the other cowardly warmongers in Washington they need to start behaving like a soverign nation and begin making decisions in their own best interest. The U.S. is like the big mouthed guy in a bar who starts a fight and then sneaks out the back leaving you to get your butt kicked.

I have absoutely no sympathy for people of Europe and their spineless ‘leaders’ who are well on their way to seeing their nations destroyed economically and possibly even physically. Putin has made it very clear from the very beginning that he views the actions of the west as an existential threat and will use whatever means necessary to see that Russia survives……….translation, NUKES, and unlike our feckless politicians here in the U.S. he doesn’t strike me as a guy who likes to make idle threats!


Having lived there, Germany gets almost no sun in the winter. Actually, from September through May it is always extremely cloudy usually with a fine mist of rain,; think horror movie weather.


Hey Kai, enough of the effing “like”. Could not make it through interview it was so distracting.