Democrats in FULL Panic Mode Over Trump’s Rising Support From Black Voters

Tim Pool, Released on 1/17/20

Donald Trump and the GOP have launched a consistent effort to court Black voters in the upcoming 2020 election. According to the media class and pundits this is just an effort to steal votes from Democrats. But is it possible Trump is actually doing right by African American voters?

Regardless of his motivations it appears to be working at three highly credible polls put Trump around the 30% number. The reason this is causing Democrats to panic is that the rule has always been that if a Republican gets at least 20% of the Black community to vote for them Democrats will never win, ever.

While these polls are shocking a new poll out today claims over 83% of African Americans view Trump very negatively its hard to know which polls are more accurate.

In the end I’d place my bed on Candace Owens and Kanye West. With that level of high profile support I think it is safe to reason Trump’s approval among the Black community is likely high and Democrats have a good reason to panic.

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Curt Tyner