David Moadel: 4 Stocks with Explosive Potential…

David Moadel, Released on 2/10/21

OTCQB : DELCF Website is https://deliccorp.com/ and investor presentation is https://deliccorp.com/wp-content/uplo…

Switch stock is SWCH and website is https://www.switch.com/

Xpeng stock is XPEV and website is https://ir.xiaopeng.com/overview/defa… and my article on XPEV is https://investorplace.com/2021/02/veh…

RADA stock ticker is (of course) RADA

David Moadel is a trader and investor of stocks and options. A former elementary school teacher, David has a master’s degree in education and a unique ability to convey knowledge in the area of finance. He has coached many people and likes to combine fundamental and technical analysis to help people find their own trading style.

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All four are obviously overvalued bubble stocks. You should be ashamed for recommending them, David. Let’s come back in a year and see how many billions of dollars investors have lost in these four tulip bulbs. I am very disappointed, expected better from you, David.


DELCF is 49 cents so not exactly expensive. SWCH
and XPEV are significantly off their highs. RADA is the only one near the top.The entire stock market is a raging bubble at this point so not much value to be found anywhere….