David Hunter: Big Moves Are Coming For Gold and Silver

Palisade Radio, Released on 2/25/19

David believes that 2019 will be a year of extremes for the broader markets in that there will first be a melt-up and then later in the year a meltdown. The dollar is likely to roll-over soon, and he expects gold to rise this year to $1550. A global deflationary bust is coming which will be severe, and it will be like 2008 but on steroids. They will stop it again this time with massive money printing. This year will be one hell of a ride and not all of it fun.

Time Stamp Reference:
0:50 – Bullish this year for gold and silver.
3:00 – Melt-up followed by a market meltdown.
4:00 – A lot of excess and negativity in the markets.
6:00 – Final blow-off top in the markets will occur this year.
8:00 – Global deflationary bust is coming.
10:30 – Fed will print a lot of money – more Q.E.
13:30 – Contrarian investing risks and rewards.
15:00 – Davids background in financial markets.
25:00 – Bond markets will top in the coming months.
25:45 – New inflation cycle is coming.

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