The Crash of 2017. Not to be Delayed Any Longer – Harry Dent

Daniel Ameduri, Vision Victory, Released on 10/15/16

One of our most popular and well researched guests, Harry continues to deliver on his predictions of deflation and a stock market bubble popping. He has a new book just released The Sale of a Lifetime putting his name on the line for his prediction. His take on gold may shock you, be sure to stick around until that part of the interview.

Harry Dent is a Fortune 100 consultant, new venture investor, noted speaker, bestselling author, and the founder and senior editor at Dent Research, where he dedicates himself to identifying and studying demographic, technological, and geopolitical trends. He has a free daily newsletter at called “Survive and Prosper.” Mr. Dent accurately predicted Japan’s collapse in 1989, the dot-com bubble-bust in 2000 and the housing bust in 2006 to 2007 (among many other things). He’s written numerous books, including The Great Boom Ahead (1992), The Great Depression Ahead (2008), The Great Crash Ahead (2011) and The Demographic Cliff (2014). His most recent novel The Sale of a Lifetime: How the Great Bubble Burst of 2017 Can Make You Rich, was published in 2016.

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Harry Gold and silver are not commodities – they are money and both went up in the Great Depression.


“And nobody see it.” Right Harry – you and you alone. Truly a sign Harry is in his own little bubble if he thinks no one else sees it. He has to pull his head out…and look around.

BTW Harry it has been shown over and over again that gold does well in deflation. There is another – he only cites 2008 and ignores the manipulation and more importantly – the quick rebound.

And look at the price of gold – inflation adjusted through the Great Depression