Craig Hemke: We Have A Supply Shortfall, Banks Have A Problem

Silver Doctors, Released on 1/28/20

We’re almost out of physical palladium, and the market’s set-up the same way with gold & silver! Craig joins Silver Doctors today to discuss that and a whole lot more.

Some of the topics in today’s discussion include:

– What’s on Craig’s radar the most right now?
– Is the United States turning into Japan in regards to interest rates?
– What’s going on with gold, silver and the precious metals, and will they just run gold’s open interest up to 1,000,000 contracts?
– What signals is palladium giving off, and should gold & silver investors be paying attention to it?

Known primarily by his nickname “Turd Ferguson,” Craig Hemke is the founder and editor of the popular TF Metals Report blog and podcast, covering precious metals, the financial markets, and greater economic trends.

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