Chris Irons (Quoth the Raven): The U.S. Has Lost Its Financial Compass

Palisades Gold Radio, Released on 1/5/23

Chris Irons, the host of the Quoth the Raven podcast and author of QTR’s Fringe Finance Substack, joins Palisades Gold Radio for a discussion about the market in 2023. The rapid rate hikes of 2022 have had a major effect on Main Street and caused people to take out more debt to make ends meet. Should the S&P take a 15% hit in 48 hours, the Fed will take action and become more dovish. Chris also talks about how the US is at its most precarious financial position ever due to its massive debt, inflation, trade deficits, and government spending. These factors are contributing to a slow slide that will eventually cause a drastic switch in the US’s reserve currency status.

0:00 – Introduction
1:03 – A Macro Perspective
10:00 – Consumers Tapped Out
19:00 – Precarious Markets
21:46 – Investor Expectations
26:00 – Existential Risks?
31:31 – World is Bifurcating
34:32 – BRICS & U.S. Actions
42:30 – Tesla, Woods & ARK
49:00 – Hard Lessons in 2023
51:10 – Investors & Crypto
1:00:08 – A Flexible Mindset
1:07:38 – Gold At The Gate
1:11:32 – Wrap Up

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