China: “If We Build It, They Will Succumb” & Creditism Has Replaced Capitalism | John Rubino

Dunagan Kaiser, Reluctant Preppers, Released on 5/10/16

Straight-shooting financial analyst John Rubino, founder of, returns to Reluctant Preppers to give his steady assessment of what’s going on, where the present trend is headed, and what we can each do to return our domestic financial houses to sanity and relative safety, despite the turbulent times ahead!

John Rubino is the founder and manager of the popular financial website Mr. Rubino is the co-author, with GoldMoney’s James Turk, of The Money Bubble and The Collapse of the Dollar and How to Profit from It. He spent the 1980’s on Wall Street as a Eurodollar trader, equity analyst and junk bond analyst. During the 1990’s he was a featured columnist with and a frequent contributor to Individual Investor, Online Investor, and Consumers Digest, among many other publications. He currently writes for CFA Magazine.

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