Axel Merk: Rate Hikes, Stagflation, Gold

Axel Merk: Rate Hikes, Stagflation, Gold

Goldseek, Released on 11/28/22 Head of Merk Investment, Axel Merk returns with says when it comes to financial markets and economic activity, “reality is stranger than fiction.” The pace of Fed rate hikes could pause after two more hikes, first .50. Even if Fed policymakers “pivot”, lowering rates, it may not be sustainable – rates […]

Axel Merk: Central Banks Buying Gold Record Amounts Of Gold. Is the Fed Crashing The Market?

Wall Street Silver, Released on 11/7/22 Axel Merk, Founder & CIO of Merk Investments Manager, joins the show to discuss the Fed’s fourth consecutive rate hike of its size to 75 basis points and what this could mean for the Gold and Silver markets. Furthermore, we talk about what the Fed will do next, Centrals […]

Axel Merk: Fed to drop ‘sledgehammer’, will gold tank 40% like after 2011?

Kitco News, Released on 10/26/22 Axel Merk, CIO and founder of Merk Investments, discusses the outlook for gold, inflation, and the economy, with David Lin, Anchor for Kitco News. 0:00 – Gold price performance 5:00 – Inflation breakdown 11:11 – Home prices 16:49 – The Fed will ‘break’ something 20:42 – Gold and geopolitical risks […]

Gold price tanks 2% as Fed may be ‘near the peak of its interest rate hikes’ – Axel Merk

Kitco News, Released on 7/5/22 Axel Merk, CIO and Founder of Merk Investments, discusses the recent gold price fluctuations, and broader macroeconomic trends with David Lin, Anchor and Producer at Kitco News. 0:00 – Gold’s selloff 2:11 – The U.S. dollar 3:44 – Gold and equities 4:44 – Recession outlook 10:40 – Fed policy and […]

Is The Fed Condemning Us To Stagflation? | Axel Merk

Is The Fed Condemning Us To Stagflation? | Axel Merk

Wealthion, Released on 5/10/22 Markets remain quite bruised and battered as investors digest the results of last week’s Federal Reserve Open Market Committee decisions & Chairman Powell’s latest guidance. The Fed continues talking tough about its commitment to fighting inflation. Is it willing to sacrifice the markets in this pursuit? To discuss this, we welcome […]

Axel Merk: Uh Oh

Axel Merk – Twitter, Released on 4/11/22 Click image below the tweet to enlarge. 10yr yield, 35yrs — Axel Merk (@AxelMerk) April 11, 2022 Axel Merk is the Founder, President, Portfolio Manager, and CIO at Merk Investments LLC. He is an expert on qualitative research and macroeconomic trends. Mr. Merk is also an expert […]