Bob Moriarty: Ukraine, The Death Of Fiat Money, & The End Of Europe

The Jist, Released on 12/8/22

Bob explains his belief that the Russians have already won the war in Ukraine, that Europe will soon face a massive refugee crisis as Ukrainians flee their country, and that Russia and China are planning a new currency backed by gold as a challenge to the Western Fiat money system that is collapsing before our very eyes!

Bob brought to the Internet almost 14 years ago. They later added to cover oil, natural gas, gasoline, coal, solar, wind and nuclear energy. Both sites feature articles, editorial opinions, pricing figures and updates on current events affecting both sectors. Previously, Moriarty was a Marine F-4B and O-1 pilot with more than 820 missions in Vietnam. He holds 14 international aviation records. He is the author of Nobody Knows Anything and Basic Investing in Resource Stocks.

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How about the corrupt psychopath WEF