Bix Weir: The Good Guys Are Still In Charge & They Are Destroying The Central Bank System

X22 Report, Released on 10/31/22

Bix begins the conversation talking about bitcoin, gold, silver on how they are manipulated. The good guys are still in charge and they are destroying the central bank system to bring us into a new system. The bad guys are struggling to stay alive but the people are waking up. When the crash comes the anger towards the central bank is going to be off the charts. The people will force the central bank out.

*The interview begins at 1:25

Bix Weir has 30 years’ experience in the financial industry with various fortune 500 companies. He is the creator of the “Road to Roota Theory” and his commentary is published at Bix has dedicated his efforts over the last 15 years to exposing the long term manipulation of the gold and silver markets. He has worked closely with the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee helping to pull the curtain away from the Cabal of International Bankers that has taken control of our free market system.

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