Bill Murphy: ‘Risk-Reward for Being in Gold and Silver Is Off the Charts’

Maneco64, Released on 3/4/22

00:00 Introduction
00:51 Bill Murphy and GATA
02:17 How Gold Suppression Started
04:16 Gold Rush 21 and Russia
07:26 Sanctions and Consequences/ Russia and China
13:00 Risk Reward Ratio for Gold and Silver
17:38 CRB versus Gold
19:30 Ron Rosen’s Running Flat Correction
21:38 Market Update
26:38 Conclusion

Bill Murphy is a financial commentator and the chairman and director of the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee (GATA), which was founded as a result of Murphy’s essays on collusion among large financial institutions to suppress the price of precious metals. He also runs a paid subscription service called Le Metropole Cafe. Murphy believes the price of gold is artificially low and has spent years lobbying the U.S. government to investigate market manipulation in the gold market.

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