Bill Murphy returns with his latest report on the stunning 3 month PMs rally

Goldseek Radio, Released on 8/15/19

  • Bill Murphy of returns with’s latest report on the stunning 3 month PMs rally.
  • Once silver breaches $21 is breached, the next leg could send silver sky-high.
  • The cost of living relative to typical domestic income per capita has increased sharply.
  • This event prods investors to chase increasingly risky-assets while forgetting safety.
  • Key investing wisdom, “Be far more concerned by the return OF your money than the return ON it.”
  • This oversight presents a remarkable opportunity for sharp investors to accumulate the PMs.
  • Silver is vastly discounted relative to traditional norms (nearly 90:1 gold-to-silver ratio).
  • Silver offers the free-lunch of portfolio beta-balancing while garnering the potential for explosive gains.
  • AG remains the de facto leading industrial PM, eclipsed not even by palladium which trades 100x.
  • The only comparable metals are copper/iron which are found in great abundance relatively.
  • The inelastic silver supply and nearly vertical demand curve of silver are the keys to the future price.
  • Demand for industrial silver remains solid, despite the price.
  • Manufacturers require small amounts of silver in virtually every electronics device on earth.
  • Billions of devices such as mobile phones are produced annually including laptops, and phones.
  • If the price of silver doubles, the large price increase only ads a few pennies to the per item expense.
  • While gold is approximately 18 times rarer than silver in production, the parts per million is less than gold.
  • Warren Buffet’s purchase of silver in the 1990’s arguably sent the market into orbit.
  • Today there are over 2,000 billionaires worldwide, the the short-covering frenzy alone would impress.
  • Such a 1-2 investment punch cannot be understated, as rarely does the potential for incredible gains come with a built-in safety net of portfolio diversification!

Bill Murphy is a financial commentator and the chairman and director of the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee (GATA), which was founded as a result of Murphy’s essays on collusion among large financial institutions to suppress the price of precious metals. Murphy believes the price of gold is artificially low and has spent years lobbying the U.S. government to investigate market manipulation in the gold market. 

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