Bill Holter – Not A Chance Next Financial Crisis Can Be Avoided

Silver Bullion TV, Released on 1/13/19

Discussed in this interview:
05:40 How dire will the next financial crisis be?
10:43 Expect two coming resets in the monetary system.
12:45 Chinese ambitions for reserve currency.
13:58 Gold standard
15:23 Silver, a monetary metal again?
19:23 $50 silver
22:54 Holding gold & silver in a bear market
26:10 Getting ready for the economic collapse

Bill Holter is currently a writer for Miles Franklin and Jim Sinclair’s Mineset where he posts weekly commentaries on gold and financial markets. Prior to joining Miles Franklin in 2012, Bill Holter Worked as a retail stockbroker for 23 years, including 12 years as a branch manager at A.G. Edwards. Later, he left Wall Street to avoid potential liabilities related to management of paper assets. Bill was a well-known contributor to the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee (GATA) commentaries from 2007-2012. Bill became a writer for Jim Sinclair’s Mineset in 2015.

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Robert Lucas

I LIKE Bill Holter.. but its hard to take anything he says too seriously… He has been saying things will fall apart ever since I first starting watching him back in 2015… Nothing ever happens… If I claimed a disaster was looming month after month for YEARS eventually I’d be right and could say… “See I told you so!”

I think he has a good sense of the ‘insiders’ but he must lack the Deep State knowledge to understand what they will do to keep things afloat… They somehow keep filling in the cracks.

Don’t get me wrong… I feel there will be another financial crisis… But WHEN>>>??? You just can’t say over and over and over and over its about to collapse without giving some answers as to why it didn’t happen when you said… because it hurts your credibility. He said back in 2016 we had reached something like credit saturation…??? Here we are 4 years later… credit hasn’t slowed down yet…

It would just be nice for someone to explain WHY the delay in the big fall??


“It would just be nice for someone to explain WHY the delay in the big fall??”

Yes, I’ve been wondering this myself. Apparently there is some significant control going on behind the scenes far beyond anything that would have been considered unacceptable just a few years ago. And the MSM is complicit in this control. What would markets have done several years ago if the US Treasury had a 4.5 trillion dollar deficit only five months into a year? Had it not been for this and other massive interventions by central banks, the system would have collapsed long ago. So those who really know what is going on aren’t saying anything. But the trend in numbers indicate its not good. Costs continue rising at a brisk rate. And at some point, a peak is reached. Then everything implodes. Its like Michael Pento said – once inflation really gets going, that’s it – the end – since you cannot fight inflation with more inflation. That point is inevitable at this stage.