Bear market is imminent; Short these stocks, real estate – Anmol Singh

Kitco News, Released on 9/28/21

A market crash is different from a bear market; a crash is a significant downward move in a very short amount of time, usually followed by a swift recovery, while a bear market is a prolonged downward trend.

Anmol Singh, founder of Live Traders, said that a bear market is likely to come next for U.S. stocks.

Singh discusses with David Lin, anchor for Kitco News, the securities he’s shorting now in anticipation of a broad market sell-off.

0:00 – Market outlook
7:04 – Small caps
8:30 – VIX
10:12 – Stock positions
14:00 – Trade it, don’t date it
15:48 – Homebuilding
16:50 – Wealth preservation
18:41 – Real estate
19:37 – Hedge fund

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