Barry Dawes: A Much Higher Gold Price is Coming

Palisade Radio, Released on 3/28/19

Barry discusses his early interest in geology and why living in Australia has given him a different perspective from many U.S. investors. He explains how the mining sector is doing quite well in Australia and how the Pilbara gold discoveries look promising. He says, “The demand for commodities will continue to grow as the world strives to reach middle-class.” Therefore people who invest long-term in the resource sector can do so with an enormous amount of confidence.

Time Stamp References:
0:40 – Barry’s early career.
4:00 – Australias main export markets.
5:45 – State of mining in Australia.
8:30 – Copper outlook and Electric Vehicles.
12:10 – New discoveries in Australia.
15:30 – Lessons in investing and mining.
19:00 – Global economic boom developing.
21:00 – Gold market then and now.
24:00 – All of Asia would like middle class status.

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