Axel Merk: ‘The glass will be half-empty for quite some time’

Chuck Jaffe, Money Life Show, Released on

Click Here to Listen to the Interview – *The interview begins at 18:45

“I think these are failed rallies and that the [stock] market is not going to reach new highs…Investors have switched from trying to buy the dips to selling the rallies.”

“We need to depress investors.”

“Investors are over-exposed to risk-assets…and that mindset is only gradually changing.”

Click Here to Listen to the Interview – *The interview begins at 18:45

Axel Merk is the Founder, President, Portfolio Manager, and CIO at Merk Investments LLC. He is an expert on qualitative research and macroeconomic trends. Mr. Merk is also an expert on macro trends, hard money, international investing, and on building sustainable wealth, and he is a pioneer in the use of strategic currency investing to seek diversification. He is a speaker and author on topics ranging from the economy, gold, and currencies to sustainable wealth and personal finance, as well as a regular guest and contributor to the business media around the world. Mr. Merk is an Author of the book Sustainable Wealth: Achieve Financial Security in a Volatile World of Debt and Consumption.

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