Andy Hoffman: When All Else Fails, They Take You To War

Andrew Hoffman, Miles Franklin, Released on 10/13/16

Generally speaking, the tenor of my commentaries reflects the severity of my beliefs. And recently, fears, which is why the past few weeks have spawned some of the deepest, and most serious, articles of my career. To wit, in the past two days alone, I published “the most important article I’ve ever written,” regarding my staunch belief that all hope for America will be lost if Hillary Clinton is elected; and “frankly, I’m terrified,” on how rapidly civility is collapsing in this historic political campaign, which is rapidly turning into the most polarizing political event since the Vietnam War – and perhaps, given the ugly direction things are turning, the Civil War. Not to mention, last week’s “mark this date, global war has begun” – of how, politically, economically, and monetarily, the “every man for himself” syndrome has taken hold; to the point that, frankly, it’s difficult to envision a scenario where major military confrontations do not result.


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