Nick Barisheff: Silver Squeeze Status — SLV, COMEX Updates

Investing News Network, Released on 2/26/21 (Recorded on 2/24/21)

Silver surged into mainstream headlines in late January as the “silver squeeze” narrative took hold, but what’s happened to the white metal in the weeks since then? Nick Barisheff, president and CEO of BMG Group, said the story is still alive and well. In his view, there are two key points that silver-focused investors should be aware of.  “I think the thing that people should understand (is) there’s two components — there’s the difficulty of getting silver for the SLV and also the COMEX,” he explained.

0:00​ – Intro
0:22​ – Potential silver problems on the COMEX
1:56​ – Can SLV get the silver that it needs?
5:30​ – What investors need to know about ETFs
8:00​ – Fair prices for silver and gold right now
11:13​ – Silver’s long-term price potential
14:30​ – Is a silver squeeze really in the cards?
16:41​ – Outro

Nick Barisheff is president and CEO of BMG. He uses his understanding of the precious metals markets to develop strategies, products and services for clients looking to integrate bullion into their portfolios. In 2002, Nick launched BMG and BMG BullionFund, Canada’s only RRSP eligible open-end mutual fund trust that purchases equal dollar amounts of gold, silver and platinum bullion. Subsequently, BMG Gold BullionFund and the BMG BullionBars program were launched as part of the company’s growth initiative. The BMG Silver BullionFund was launched in 2016. Nick specifically designed all BMG products so they would not compromise any of the fundamental attributes of precious metals ownership: absolute liquidity, no counterparty risk, and no reliance on management skills. In 2011, BMG became an Associate Member of the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA). The only other equally accredited company in Canada is the Royal Canadian Mint, the Crown Corporation that produces Canada’s currency. Widely recognized as an international bullion expert, Nick has written numerous articles on bullion and current market trends that are published on various news and business websites. He has appeared on BNN, CBC, CNBC and Sun Media, and has been interviewed for many articles that have been published in leading business publications across North America, Europe and Asia. His first book, $10,000 Gold: Why Gold’s Inevitable Rise Is the Investor’s Safe Haven, is a must-read for investors interested in the concept of sound money, who will benefit from Nick’s insights into the portfolio preserving power of gold.

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