2023 will be Year from Hell – Martin Armstrong

USA Watchdog, Released on 7/20/22

Armstrong explains, “Our computer is predicting a ‘war cycle’ that hits in 2023, but that is also civil unrest. So, you are looking at revolutions and etc. because of inflation. Our projection on oil is that it is going to go up dramatically into 2023. It’s going to be the same thing, I think, for gasoline prices. This is just not over yet. The euro looks like death warmed over. . . . Our computer is projecting the continued decline of the euro and rising commodity prices. With these sanctions on Russia, you just had the leader of Hungary say Europe is committing suicide. The sanctions are hurting Europe more than they are hurting Russia. This is like a shot to the lung. They can’t even breath at this stage.”

Martin Armstrong is a world renown economist and the creator of the Economic Confidence Model. He is the founder of Armstrong Economics – a public service and blog for the average person to comprehend the global economy and for professionals to access the most sophisticated international analysis possible.

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