10 Months Left To Restore The Republic — Bill Binney & Harley Schlanger

SGT Report, Released on 1/15/20

NSA veteran turned whistle blower Bill Binney and LaRouchePAC historian Harley Schlanger discuss new information about Guccifer 2.0, and the inside job nature of the DNC hacks, and the race against the clock to indict and convict key players involved in the deep state coup against our Republic.

Harley Schlanger’s work can be found at LaRouchePAC.com.

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Curt Tyner

The republic left when we elected “Liar in Chief” Donald John Trump newly impeached POTUS.


What the hell are you talking about? The impeachment is a joke and everyone with a functioning brain knows that. Trump is mired in The Swamp and he’s doing what he can to drain it. Perhaps you would have preferred if Crooked Hillary was elected? That way she could have continued Obama’s Cold War 2.0 with Russia and gotten us all killed. You’re just pissed off that the Teflon Don can not be bought by anyone, unlike Crooked Hillary.


I didn’t vote for Trump to be Mr. Personality, or Mr. Congeniality, or Our Nation’s High Priest and Protector of Moral Virtue, or America’s Master of Ceremonies, or the Great Father of Our Nation. I voted for him to drain a Swamp and to clean up Washington. He’s my employee and he knows his job. I don’t need to ride him on every little thing he does. I want him to just do the job. He may be uncouth, may be a bully, may be slamming things against the wall… but as long as he is draining that Swamp, I’m fine with him.

Sometimes a nation needs a plumber, not a lawyer. Our sewers are full of laws and corruption flushed there by lawyers. If Trump has to stand waist deep in manure to clean the Swamp and unclog the sewers, then so be it. I’d much rather have a Rottweiler slaying swamp creatures than an old crook (think Harry Reid) who puts on airs of piety. There may be a day when the nation is ready to receive Mr. Wonderful as president. But it’s not going to happen for a while yet.

If Trump and Bill Barr and John Durham need 4 more years to get the job done, then we Deplorables need to get off our backsides and go approve them to hire them for another term. Otherwise, the swamp will come flooding back into Washington and all this effort that Trump and we have expended in putting up with the Far Left will be worthless. Remember, we’re the boss, not radical Ruling Elites. We told Trump to clean it up… and he’s doing a great job so far. Let’s renew his contract in November.


Very well said, GB, very well said. Couldn’t agree more. You are a very eloquent writer.