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Gartman: If you own gold, I’d say you have a very difficult problem

Dennis Gartman, presented the bearish side to those who own gold on a recent CNBC interview: “With the removal of the additional reserves that the Federal Reserve has been pushing into the system for such a long period of time likely to come to a grinding halt in the middle of next year, the one great fundamental that gold had has been taken away.”


“Gold is something I prefer not owning. I can’t say that Monday or Tuesday this week before the FOMC meeting I would tell people to get the heck out of gold, but I haven’t liked it for some period of time. The gold bugs don’t like me. They know I have not been enamored of gold, nor have I liked gold for some while.”

Mr. Gartman has been publishing his daily commentary, The Gartman Letter, since 1987. Over the years, he has also conducted numerous presentations and courses on issues relating to the capital markets and derivatives for various brokerage firms, central banks, and U.S. government entities. In recent years, Mr. Gartman has been a frequent guest on leading financial television and radio networks

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